DotCom Therapy Stands up for Autism Awareness

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by the DotCom Therapy Team

"It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.” Coach Elaine Hall

As DotCom Therapy celebrates Autism Awareness month this April, we will "Light it Up Blue” in support of understanding and acceptance for people with Autism. Join us, this month, as we follow some of the incredible individuals who continue to support the Autism community through innovative and creative means.

To kick off Autism Awareness month, we invite you to look back on the passion and inspiration Heidi Lieb-Williams contributes to the Autism community through her creative endeavors and pride.

Additionally, in March, DCT hosted a fundraising campaign to benefit Autism Speaks, and DCT team members purchased blue shirts to support Autism Awareness Month. Below, read some of the reasons DCT members share why they will proudly wear blue throughout April.

"I will ‘light it up blue’ and support this campaign for my students, family members and all those who support people with Autism.”

"Because I'm a SLP and every child deserves a voice!”

"I support this campaign in honor of my patients with Autism, their family members who support them, and my own cousin who is diagnosed with Autism.”

"I support Autism awareness because my students with Autism and my friends with Autism inspire me to let the world know how unique they are.”

"I support Autism Awareness Month because my students with Autism inspire me each and everyday. They have helped me learn how to communicate and how to teach communication skills effectively.”

Interested in learning more about the Autism Community?

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Visit Autism Speak’s World Autism Day campaign to see individual stories of those with Autism from around the world

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