5 Practical Tips to Improve Your Mental Well-Being

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By The DotCom Therapy Team

We’ve all heard the phrase “treat yo’self,” but how many of us have put the phrase into practice in a way that boosts our mental wellness? Treating yourself to the kind of self care that prioritizes your mental wellness is truly important. All of us at DotCom Therapy believe that as therapists and educators we need to take care of our whole person in order to better support our students, colleagues, family, etc

We understand self wellness care looks a little different for everyone, so we have curated 5 tips from our therapists to help you prioritize mental wellness in your life.

1. Set up a winning Routine

Everyone has unique needs and schedules, but setting your own routine is key to balancing your busy life.

Make it stick: Your routine should include actual times to eat, exercise, and rest. We know that every day will not replicate the last, but finding balance in your life is correlated to positive health outcomes. Take some time to set up a self-care plan tailored to your needs

2. Listen + respond to your own thoughts and emotions

Negative emotions starting to form? Be mindful of what might be causing those difficult reactions and find a way to remove that action, person, or place from your routine.

If you are unable to remove yourself from a triggering situation, identify coping skills that can help you manage your feelings:

  • treat yourself to something special

  • rest when you are feeling overwhelmed

  • get some fresh air.

Replacing negative people, places, or habits in your life with alternatives will allow you to feel more energized and available for activities and people in your life that inspire you.

3. Get inspired

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Make connections with people to grow a positive professional network and personal support system. When things get tough or feel overwhelming, reach out to your network as a means of support.

Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Did you take piano lessons as a child? Find someone in your community to start them up again. Take 30 minutes each day to draw or color - we love adult coloring books like this one. Listen to music that makes you groove. However small, find ways to be inspired in your daily routine.

4. Take some time when you need it

When you are feeling overwhelmed, take a mental health day to regroup and work on yourself.

“You can’t water the flowers from an empty watering pot.”

You will thank yourself when you take care of yourself first. During this time:

  • unplug from technology

  • treat yourself to a snack

  • experiment with new hobbies to bring out your creative side

  • take a nap

Once again, tailor your self-care plan to your needs and be realistic with what that looks like. Give yourself some space to realign and don’t feel guilty about taking time for you!

5. Seek professional help when necessary

If there comes a point in time where you believe that you have tried all that you can and still do not feel well mentally, reach out to a skilled professional.

Therapy is a common tool used to balance our mental health and allow us to express emotions in a safe space. Please reach out to the options that best fit your needs, and remember that our Dotcom Therapy teletherapists are here to help, and we are only a click away.

The best practicing professionals often use services themselves. End the stigma, and remember that we value you and want you to be your best self as you help and support those around you.

If you are interested in learning about our mental health services, let us know.

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