Teletherapy is Not a Last Resort: An International Conversation

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By the DCT Team

Whether it was the crisp Irish air, the exhilaration of leading a workshop with colleagues from around the world or maybe just this entire row that I’m taking up on the flight back across the pond, I am returning to Missouri refreshed! While I wouldn’t dream it differently, sometimes the startup culture can be busy to say the least. Our trek through western Ireland proved to be the perfect disconnect to count our company blessings, if you will, and to ramp us up for what’s next.

Thank you to the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics for having us to present a workshop for professionals from across 56 countries! Teletherapy in Action: Utilizing Innovation in Service Delivery to Improve Quality of Care. Our priority was to challenge ourselves and colleagues on how to define best practices in a model of service delivery that is transforming traditional clinic-settings.

•What are some tough scenarios that need added clinician perspective or availability?

•How can our services be more easily accessible to those in remote areas?

•What challenges or barriers are you facing in your nation or areas that prevent telepractice from being a readily accepted mode of treatment?

Scenarios posed, the response was incredible! What was that one point we wanted to be the take-home for every participant, you may be thinking?

Teletherapy is not a last resort™.

During one of DCT’s frequent collaborative exec team meet-ups, our Director of Therapy, Elise Mitchell, said just this at the most poignant time imaginable. We couldn’t have agreed more… and it stuck! Truly the heart of what we want everyone to understand about how we are revolutionizing the field through telepractice is this belief. Technology allows us to provide a more comprehensive approach to treatment, to work with clients across settings otherwise thought untouchable and to most importantly easily connect to work toward incredible outcomes. It is not serving a last resort function but rather opening up a channel for more diverse treatment settings and better access to specialized clinicians, to say the least.

We hope that the workshop attendees left feeling empowered to identify barriers indigenous to their place of residency. We also hope colleagues felt a sense of team between professionals to advocate for innovation within their scope of ethical practice. Above all, we would love to think that whether people are headed back to direct treatment within their practice or to leadership roles within their communities, they will consider a comprehensive treatment plan that may include telepractice to improve quality of care for clients across the globe.

So, between getting lost in Dublin (one too many times) to picnicking on a remote beach overlooking the Cliffs of Moher in the beautifully charming Aran Islands, it was an amazing experience. A time of relaxation, reflection and planning. To our team back home scattered across the country, we couldn’t have been more proud to represent you. You all are changing lives in an incredibly unique way. You are pioneers! We are honored and humbled to be leading this effort alongside you.

Until next time. Thank you, Ireland! Or, as the locals say, "Thanks a million.”

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