Educational Audiology Services

Our educational audiologists provide auditory and communication services for children with hearing loss. They provide leadership to education teams, collaborate with parents and facilitate communication, curricular, and instructional needs of students with hearing loss.

Auditory device troubleshooting

  • Remote troubleshooting of assistive technology used in the classroom

Auditory device training

  • Device-specific training for teachers that use assistive technology in their classrooms (new or existing)

ARD/504 meeting attendance

  • Input regarding hearing loss, hearing technology, and any recommended accommodations

Assistive technology recommendations

  • Guidance through assistive technology evaluations for school personnel and feedback on student specific technology needs

Collaboration with personal audiologists

  • Communication with students’ private audiologists regarding equipment needs and purchasing

Teacher and school personnel inservice

  • Hearing loss or hearing device related consultation/training, student specific or non-student specific

Device ordering/quote requests