Licensed Clinical Social Work


  • Coordinate and cooperatively work with school personnel to accomplish the goals and objective of the local education agency.

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the range of assessment techniques that fall outside of the traditional evaluation methods.

  • Serve as a member of multidisciplinary teams in student evaluations.

  • Provide evidence-based therapy interventions.

  • Direct observation and assessment of students in the school setting

  • Development of behavior plans with appropriate treatment goals that promote the academic goals and behavioral goals of the student, while connecting the student, staff, family, and community regarding the student’s overall success.

  • Individual and/or group sessions using evidence based strategies including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practice, and solution-focused therapy.

  • Consultative counseling services including communication with school staff and families to address issues in the child’s living situation that impact their adjustment and success in school.

  • Direct counseling in crisis intervention situations.

  • Documentation and reports, including daily progress notes, screening and evaluation reports, quarterly progress reporting, IEP input, MA/3rd party billing (if applicable), and any other required paperwork.

  • Meeting attendance via videoconference, including parent conferences, building/team meetings, IEP conferences, and other student-related meetings as needed.

  • Training and direction of paraprofessional therapy facilitators/speech implementers as needed.

Mental Health Counseling

DotCom Therapy provides mental health therapy services for school districts across multiple states.

Individual Diagnostic Assessment

Our mental health therapist gathers information to determine appropriate treatment based on the initial problem, current mental status, and the diagnostic impression. The initial assessment often factors in:

  • personal history

  • family history

  • initial symptoms

  • past medical history

  • use of alcohol and/or drugs

  • home environment and relationships with family and peers

  • current mental status

  • leisure and recreational activities

  • usual social and peep group activities

  • nutritional and health status

  • concerns of safety of self or others


The assessment can include numerous components such as norm-referenced psychological tests, informal tests and surveys, interview information, and observational data. The average time from initial referral to first therapy session is 5 to 7 business days.


Individual Therapy

At DotCom Therapy, we approach individual therapy as a joint process between the therapist and the student. Therapy is intended to develop strategies and methods to manage emotions and feelings that may be out of the student’s control.  Our therapists draw from their expertise to develop a therapy approach incorporating talk therapy, cognitive therapy, and behavioral therapy.  The optimal time for each individual therapy session is based on age, and typically ranges between 30 to 60 minutes.

Group Therapy

Our DotCom mental health provider facilitates therapy sessions with two or more participants at the same time.  We have found that group therapy can help motivate children and adolescents to improve self-awareness, build trust and self-esteem, and feel less isolated knowing others are facing similar problems.


Family Therapy

Our DotCom therapists have experience supporting family systems to help individuals resolve their problems in the context of their family units, where many issues are likely to begin. The DotCom therapist helps each family member work together with the others to better understand their group dynamic and how individual actions affect each other and the family unit as a whole.


Crisis Assistance

Our DotCom therapists are skilled in consultation and support to schools and districts during and in the aftermath of a crisis. We have a deep understanding of the specific expertise required in school crisis intervention.


Nontraditional settings

One of the advantages of teletherapy is that it is available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of location or environment. Our mental health providers seamlessly provide quality therapy outside traditional school hours.  In partnering with DotCom Therapy, our districts gain access to our team of mental health providers for teacher consultation, school meetings, staff training around mental health topics, and student community outreach. Additionally, extension of services during spring and summer holidays and weekends becomes possible and convenient with our teletherapy model.

School Psychology Services


  • Psychological testing (social, adaptive, cognitive, achievement, behavioral, executive functioning, ASD etc.)

  • Counseling for concerns about academic, emotional or social problems

  • Assisting students in processing problems and planning goals and action

  • Initiating positive behavior initiatives

  • Consulting with parents and teachers to discuss learning, behavioral, familial and social problems

  • Implementing behavioral management techniques

  • Functional Behavior Analysis

  • Behavior Intervention Programs

  • Attending of meetings: Student support teams, evaluation and IEP meetings

  • Classroom observations

  • Reviewing Existing Data (RED)

  • Assessment Tools: Q-Global and Q-Interactive Testing Platform