Speech Therapy

Our SLPs evaluate students and act as a member of the IEP team to collaborate with school personnel, parents, and students.

SLPs evaluate and develop intervention plans for children with language and communication disorders including:

  • articulation

  • language

  • pragmatics

  • fluency

Additional Responsibilities of DCT SLP

  • Attend IEP meetings and perform comprehensive initial evaluation.

  • Provision of direct speech and language therapy based on individual student evaluations and planned intervention goals mandated in student individual education plans (IEPs) or 504 plans.

  • Documentation and reports, including daily progress notes, screening and evaluation reports, quarterly progress reporting, IEPs, MA/3rd party billing (if applicable), and any other required paperwork.

  • Case management for students with Speech and/or Language as a primary disability.

  • Training and direction of paraprofessional therapy facilitators/speech implementers as needed including SLPA supervision.

  • Collaboration and participation in RTI services as requested and allowed.

  • Consultative speech and language services with school staff and families as determined by the IEP team.



SLPA Supervision

  • Conduct ongoing competency evaluations of the SLPAs.

  • Provide and encourage ongoing education and training opportunities for the SLPA consistent with competency and skills and needs of the students, patients, or clients served.

  • Develop, review, and modify treatment plans for students, patients, and clients that SLPAs implement under the supervision of the SLP.

  • Make all case management decisions.

  • Adhere to the supervisory responsibilities for SLPs.

  • Retain the legal and ethical responsibility for all students, patients, and clients served.

  • Adhere to the principles and rules of the ASHA Code of Ethics.

  • Adhere to applicable licensure laws and rules regulating the practice of speech-language pathology.



Case Management

DCT SLPs serve as case managers to coordinate instruction and related services for students receiving only speech therapy services. They will coordinate the delivery of special education services and serve as the primary contact for the parent.

The primary responsibilities include:  

  • assuring compliance with procedural requirements.

  • communicating and coordinating among home, school, and other agencies, regular and special educational programs.

  • facilitating placement.

  • training classroom staff.

  • scheduling team meetings.