Frequently Asked Questions


How is a therapist selected?

Our team reviews your or your loved ones information not limited to location, diagnosis and evaluation/treatment needs.  A therapist is selected off of those factors.  If a therapist is not readily available in state of your location, we will consult with you to confirm you’re comfortable with waiting until our provider has necessary licensure to work with you or your loved one.

I’ve completed the evaluation, now what?

Your provider will recommend a certain number of sessions per week.  Once you know that number, you can purchase your subscription here.  Once sessions are purchased, you and your provider can begin with services!

What should I expect?

Upon purchase and sign-up, your therapist will connect with you to complete either the evaluation or therapy session. He or she will send you a link to the virtual therapy room and at the time of the session, you’ll click on that link to access the therapy room. At the end of the treatment or evaluation, your therapist will instruct you on next steps or any homework to work on.

What should I expect during the evaluation?

Your provider will give you a set of instructions and often times that consists of not telling your child when they have gotten a question right, etc., as that disrupts validity of testing. Our therapists are well-equipped in coaching you for assessment expectations to make for the most successful evaluation!

Does an adult need to be present for a child at all times? 

It is important to have a responsible party present during the session. If a child is more independent, a responsible party within line of sight is sufficient.  However, if a child is less independent or a therapist needs support with tangible materials/tactile prompting, it’s required that the responsible party be actively participating and sitting next to the child.

What should I do while my child is in therapy?

We ask that there is a facilitator within line of sight to assist if there is an emergency.  Depending on your provider preference, you may just need to be available to start the meeting.  However, if your child needs assistance with attention or tactile prompting, your provider may ask you to sit close by during.  You are welcome to stay and learn as much as you’d like from the session.

What if I’m in a subscription but go on vacation?

Your subscription amount will not vary. However, our provider will work to fit in extra sessions before and after you leave. Session also rollover into the next month.

Do you take health insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance. However, we can provide you with a bill to submit to insurance to receive reimbursement, as applicable. In-network vs. out of network reimbursement varies depending on provider.

What type of technology do I need?

A computer or tablet with a built in camera and microphone and access to reliable internet.  If possible, it is recommended you hard wire to your internet OR meet from a room that is close to your internet source.

How do I test to see if everything is working on my computer?

It is recommended you do a test prior to confirm your audio and video work. Here is what you click to access that test link: