For Private clients

Therapy on your schedule

No more rushing out the door to get to an appointment. With DotCom Therapy’s secure Virtual Therapy Room, your therapist comes to you via a computer, laptop, or tablet.


For children

We know you’re busy, so our therapists meet with you and your child on your time. You can finally be involved in your child’s services to ensure their growth continues long after the session ends.

For Adults

Our therapists meet with you on your time wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, your therapy sessions can occur.

DotCom Therapy Session

Our services

Family-centered care


Tablet Online Teletherapy Session

Our Difference

Affordable therapy without barriers

Teletherapy saves you time + money. You can now use your HSA for your teletherapy sessions.

For not much more than the cost of a copay, you can access high-quality, therapy services at home. It is our goal to make teletherapy work for you.

For Families

In addition to providing services for your child, our licensed therapists help counsel, support, and train family members. We believe everyone benefits when we work as a team.



How it works

1. Initial evaluation

Meet with a DotCom Therapy certified therapist from the comfort + convenience of your own home via our secure, online platform.


2. individualized Recommendation

Based on the initial evaluation, your therapist establishes a therapy program including a recommended number of sessions per week.

3. Flexible Scheduling

From the recommendations, you select the frequency of sessions that work for you and your family.


4. Consistent + Effective therapy

Each week, you meet with your therapist in your Virtual Therapy Room™️ for your unique, individualized therapy sessions.

The journey

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