Coming Home: My Journey to DotCom Therapy

Coming Home.jpg

By Andee Szwabowski, M.H.S. CCC-SLP/L

I’ve always been a person who believes nothing happens by accident.  Events and people come into your life, seemingly coincidental, but truly, with a purpose sent from above.

That’s a bit how teletherapy “happened” to me.  

I had just experienced a traumatic event that forced me out of my current position in an elementary school that I loved with all of my heart. I picked up my broken self and started a new position at a new school district.

There, I met wonderful people, with beautiful hearts.

Amongst them, was a retired special education teacher, Sharon, who came back to substitute on occasion.

Sharon had a BIG LOVE for SLPs, and we immediately bonded.  

One fall day, she shared how her grandchildren were receiving “teletherapy” services for speech at school. She spoke of the experience often, praising it from head to toe, and encouraged me to look into it in my spare time.  

I had no idea what teletherapy was.  

I had never heard of it.

I actually didn’t give it much thought, although I admit, I was curious.

Three months passed and my husband broke the news to me at Christmas: we were moving. Moving to a new town, hours away. I was not excited about starting over, in another new district, giving up my 20 years of experience on the pay scale. Nor was I excited about being a “new teacher” once again, learning to trust new people and make new friends.

I started to update my resume in preparation for the move.

Then it hit me. like a two-ton brick.

Sharon! If EVER it was the perfect time to start something new and rise tall from the ashes, THIS was it.  

I Googled “teletherapy”.

The rest, as they say, is history really.  

I moved.

I designed my home office.  

I trained and learned all the technology.  

I started servicing students online.

The renewed passion I felt for all things speech pathology was like a breath of fresh air.  The blogging and product creation came naturally, and my business was formed.

But never once, was it lost on me that the horrific trauma I experienced that forced me to move schools led me to Sharon.  

Sharon wasn’t placed in my life by accident. Divine intervention positioned her perfectly, when I didn’t even know I needed her was when I most needed her  The universe had much bigger plans for me all along.

All I had to do was trust the ride.

And trust the ride I did!  The entire journey has led me here, to DotCom Therapy, where I finally feel like I’m home.

Four years ago this month, everything I knew to be true, was shattered. Today, I can finally say that my life has come full circle. By trusting in something much bigger than myself, I was placed exactly where I was meant to be.

My purpose now is to lead other therapists to a place where they feel happy, respected, loved, and effective.  

Our journeys may be unique, but the signs, the same.

Pay attention to where the universe is leading you.

Chances are, the people and events in motion at this moment are not there by accident. I know this, because without dear Sharon, I wouldn’t be a teletherapist.

Andee Szwabowski