Finding Connection Through Teletherapy

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By Kimberly Meschede, M.S. CCC-SLP

Many people question whether teletherapy has the means to create similar connections and relationships as on-site therapy. We know, from the stories our therapists share [including the one below], that our DotCom Therapy therapists build lasting and meaningful connections with each of the students they support. In that sense, teletherapy is just a greater means of connection for those in need.

We are so lucky to have a team of compassionate, talented, and caring therapists working hard every day to serve students.

I had the best day ever!

I was able visit almost all of my students across three schools for the last day of school and I felt like a serious celebrity [which I am positive would not have been the case if I had been brick and mortar all year]!

I had so many amazing moments I’ll cherish for a long time, but a highlight was seeing one of my social language students who has been working all year on greetings and eye contact.

I walked into the room and he shot up, smiled, waved, looked me right in the eye and almost yelled, “Hi, Miss Kimberly!” When I left, he did the same thing to say goodbye.

One of my students who seems like he would rather be elsewhere during speech came running up to hug me when I walked in. [I’m not crying, you’re crying!]

I never thought I’d be a school SLP, but I can safely say that I love my job thanks to my amazing company, district, coworkers, and students.

Happy summer summer, everyone!