Founder Friday: Beyond the Brand


By Rachel Robinson, M.S. CCC-SLP, Founder + President

Bright colors, clean lines and catchy phrases. Our brand is something that sets us apart from the competition.

Our amazing Marketing Director, Lauren De-Lay Curcio, is the heartbeat to our company image, but she is tasked with something far greater than these material items.

She is in charge of capturing the intangible.

The feeling of our company culture. The “who” we are and the “why” we do it.

Our brand is our company existence visualized and brings us back to our greater purpose of reaching more people to make our mission a reality.

As the daughter of artists, I know the strength of a strong brand identity but also the importance of the character behind the bright colors, clean lines and catchy phrases.

When you think of DotCom Therapy, I want our brand to always embody our values, our mission, and our integrity as a company working hard to make the world better.

Rachel Robinson

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Rachel Robinson