Founder Friday: Connecting with Schools + Students

DotCom Therapy is the leading

By Rachel Robinson, M.S. CCC-SLP, founder + president

An opposition we often hear from customers when talking about teletherapy is, “we need a live person”.

While there is an argument that something is lost via videoconferencing there is also so much more to gain.

Collaboration in the therapy world is king.

There is no other therapy environment where you have access to 100+ colleagues at your fingertips to learn new techniques, gain advice or simply socialize with. They always say two heads are better than one…how about 100?!

Our school partners gain incredible therapists.

Because we hire throughout the US [+ Canada] we are able to find the best of the best. At any given time we have over 20 applicants in the queue to join our team. This means that unlike most therapy positions, ours is highly competitive! If the school wants to take part in our matching process we can provide them with resumes so they get to know their future therapist before he/she starts their first day.

Customized services beyond the therapy room.

Because of the flexibility we offer through teletherapy, we are able to provide supportive services unique to DotCom Therapy including the following from our DCT account management and clinical teams:

  • A dedicated account manager for your school that works with you to ensure successful therapy progress and teletherapy implementation.

  • Your therapist receives guidance from one of our two clinical managers (who have 40+ years experience combined) and additionally are assigned a mentor to ensure the highest quality therapy services for your students.

Flexibility is our middle name.

Only have morning times open?

No problem.

We can customize your program around your school’s unique needs and make sure a therapist is available when you are, where you are.

And, no, we can’t give real high fives to your students but, tust me, virtual fives elicit the same big smiles!

See how we can work with your school to provide comprehensive speech therapy, occupational therapy, mental health or educational audiology.