Founder Friday: Good luck, bad luck, who knows?

Therapists Speak

by Rachel Robinson M.S. CCC-SLP, founder + president

I was out to brunch the other day with one of my friends, Jeanette. We were discussing the wild ride that has been building DotCom Therapy. During our conversation I mentioned how there were so many times I had faced extreme difficulties; obstacles that I didn’t know how I could get through that have actually moved the company forward in the best way.

From lost sales, to broken relationships - all things have a purpose that result in a better outcome.

At mention of these obstacles, Jeanette drew my attention to an old Taoist tale titled, “Good Luck, Bad Luck, Who Knows.” Upon reading this saying, something resonated within me and it now has a permanent position as one of my favorite mantras. Not only was this a wonderful representation of my journey as a founder but also as a young professional. No matter what cards are dealt to you everything has a purpose and the outcome is ultimately what you make of it. It can sometimes be better to simply acknowledge a change versus trying quickly to make sense of it.

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Rachel Robinson