Happy National Intern Day to our Rockstar Interns

DotCom Therapy interns

by Jessica Debowski-Yu

Happy #NationalInternDay!

Today is a special day, as all of us at DotCom Therapy are celebrating the wonderful young men and women who help our organization thrive! Our interns are 100% crucial in every step of our service delivery cycle, making sure our commercial engine works seamlessly from start to finish.

Thank you to Dan Neill for his tireless work in cold calling, creating and sending out proposals. Dan always has a smile on his face and never turns down any challenges! Within one month of working at DotCom, Dan closed his first deal! All of us are not entirely sure if we are prepared for this kind of trailblazing. [Just kidding, we’re totally okay with this, Dan - keep it going.]

Thank you to Noah Steffenson for always being our go-to trooper for anything data related. Noah’s work so far has been the heart and soul driving our digital footprint on social media and email campaigns. He exemplifies persistence and has been instrumental in helping us ensure our data is in tip-top shape. Thanks to Noah’s awesome efforts, Dan and Nataley are killing it in sales and marketing! You know what they say, that kind of teamwork really makes the DCT dream work! #GoTeam

Next up is Izzy Rillos who we applaud for being up for anything! Izzy is an incredibly fast learner and is so eager to help out in all areas of our marketing and brand management. Not only is she extremely creative, Izzy is also an incredible writer. With her many talents, Izzy isn’t afraid to push the envelop and try new things in design and messaging. Her skills have been such an asset, but more importantly, working alongside Izzy is like working with an actual ray of sunshine. She is so positive, warm, and uplifting - we’re stoked to have her on our team! 

Last but not least, thank you to Nataley Lorenz, who is actually an intern-no-more! Nataley recently began her master’s and is on track to becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist [hopefully a DCT SLP - eh?!]. Last quarter, she was promoted to the Commercial Operations Specialist role because she is a whiz at anything we need a second pair of eyes on, ranging from data integrity to marketing content creation.

Interns, you are all very special to us here at DotCom Therapy, and we hope that we are doing YOU proud. Thank you very much for the continuous effort you put in every day. Without each and every one of you, our commercial engine wouldn’t allow us to go from 0 to 100, real quick. 


Your DotCom Therapy Fam.